02 Jul 2018

Reasons for Choosing Software Testing as Career

Choosing a career is choosing a life for yourself. The decision involves money and the most valuable resource, time. The path you choose also defines your lifestyle. Information technology is amongst the most popular career options because of various reasons as stated below.

  • Opportunity to Know Global Work Culture

Not every field gives you the scope of travelling nations for work purpose but IT is one field that is truly global. You get opportunities to learn different subjects and experience different work cultures too. This can be an influential factor to polish your professional skills, grow as an individual, and of course improve your knowledge and future career prospects.

  • Use of Applications for Marketing

If you are looking for a job or considering starting your own business, can you think of growing without the help of marketing? The obvious answer is no. Likewise, every small or medium size businesses in the past few years in India and abroad have taken recourse to online marketing.

  • Technical Lovers’ Delight

Software testing is a field for people who understand code, i.e. detect bugs and know the solutions to get rid of them. Software applications are here to stay given the penetration of smart electronic devices. This implies that the applications should be immaculate and something that will add to the user experience.

  • Earning Potential and Growth

Last but definitely not the least, a software tester can start earning from 30,000 INR in the initial years of career. The potential for growth in terms of remuneration is totally dependent on how good you are at what you do, varied experiences and the different courses you do along with the basic testing.

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