02 Jul 2018

How to Get Employed by Learning iOS App Development

Employment opportunities for a developer is not restricted to private jobs after successful completion of the course. The job market for app development is soaring great heights as more people and businesses yearn to be in the competition and up to date with technology.

Popularity of App Store

Apple sells by its sheer brand value. Not that there’s anything to complain about their quality and standards but of course you don’t consider money when it comes to Apple. Similarly, even though Apple had started with a modest 500 apps in the beginning (2008) the current number of apps in the app Store is more than a million.

High Paying Private Jobs

The iOS tops the list among its competitors when it comes to the ease of developing an app for this platform. The end users of this operating system are quite different in terms of their spending capability and even otherwise than other platforms like android, windows. The App Store is a pioneer in developing apps, followed by android.

Independent Developer

One of the biggest advantages of learning iPhone app development is the scope for developing an app and independently submitting it to the Apple’s App Store. If you are able to make a mean app, market it properly, you can earn money and a reputation as well. Once you are able to successfully make a mark of your own, companies may approach you for business.

High Demand and Less Manpower

This is the best part of finding employment as an iPhone app developer, the demand for these professionals is expected to rise considerably in 2015 given the popularity of Apple devices and increasing users according to the author of iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide, Joe Conway.

So, put together the apps you have developed and include them on your resume to bag lucrative job offers.

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