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  • Object – Relational Mapping
  • Hibernate Basics
  • Hibernate Architecture
  • Hibernate Configurations


  • POJO (Plain Old Java Classes) classes and O/R Mapping
  • Object Identifier
  • One-to-One Association
  • One-to-Many Association
  • Many-to-One Association
  • Many-to-Many Association


  • Collection Mapping
  • Component Mapping
  • Inheritance Mapping
  • Hibernate Query Language
  • Criteria Queries
  • Hibernate in Web Application
  • Hibernate Logging with log4j library


  • Per Table Hierarchy
  • Per Table Hierarchy using Java Annotations
  • Per Table Concrete
  • Per Table Concrete using Java Annotations
  • Per Table Child Class
  • Per Table Child Class using Java Annotations


  • One-to-many by List using XML
  • Many-to-Many by List using XML
  • One-to-Many by List using Annotation
  • One-to-many by Bag
  • One-to-many by Set
  • Many-to-many by Map
  • Bidirectional
  • Lazy Collection


  • First Level Cache
  • Second Level Cache


  • With Struts
  • With Spring

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Oracle Corporation offers a variety of certifications related to Java. They are classified below based on the Java Edition and the level of expertise. They are designed for a specific job profile like Programmer or Architect. The list of Java certifications by Oracle Corporation is given below:

  •   Java Foundations Certified Junior Associate
  •   Oracle Certified Associate (Java 5, 6, 7, 8) – Programmer
  •   Oracle Certified Professional (Java 6, 7, 8) – Programmer
  •   Oracle Certified Expert (Java 6) – Developer
  •   Oracle Certified Master (Java 6) – Developer/Architect
  •   Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Enterprise JavaBeans Developer
  •   Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 JavaServer Faces Developer
  •   Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Web Component Developer
  •   Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Web Services Developer
  •   Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect

In addition to that, there are official certifications available for Hibernate and Spring training namely Red Hat Certified Specialist in Persistence Certification by Red Hat, Inc. and Spring Professional Certification by Pivotal Software, Inc. respectively. With our training and the guidance from our experts, you can get these certifications as soon as you complete our training. Our experts will guide you through the whole process and help you get your certification from the respective companies. However, you will not require these certifications to get a job in Java domain because you are studying the best Java training in Coimbatore and we will get you placed as soon as you complete the best Java training provided by us. This is one of the perks for studying at the best training institute in Coimbatore.